YEAST 2017

28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

August 27 – September 1, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Symposia Lectures

Regulation of Gene Expression

Chair: Graham Pawitt

  • Graham Pavitt (UK) – “New insights into translational control by eIF2B”
  • Olivier Namy (France) - “Translation fidelity: how stop codons can be read by tRNA?”
  • Jason Brickner (USA) – “The nuclear pore complex facilitates interchromosomal clustering and epigenetic transcriptional regulation”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

RNA processing and regulation

Chair: Lydia Vasiljeva

  • Lydia Vasiljeva (UK) - “Investigating regulatory mechanisms involved in transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of gene expression”
  • Katja Straesser (Germany) – “Formation of Nuclear mRNPs (messenger ribonucleoprotein particles)”
  • Grzegorz Kudla (UK), The EMBO Young Investigator Lecture – “Fitness landscape of yeast U3 snoRNA”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

Metabolism and stress response

Chair: Johan Thevelein

  • Johan Thevelein (Belgium) – “Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate activation of Ras and nutrient transceptor - eIF2B/eIF2 interaction as novel mechanisms in yeast nutrient signalling”
  • Zdena Palkova (CZ) – “Metabolic differentiation: Role in ageing and long-term survival of yeast colonies”
  • Marcus Ralser (UK) - title to be announced
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

Organelle dynamics

Chair: Roger Schneiter

  • Roger Schneiter (Switzerland) – “Lipid droplets and the ER membrane – a mysterious connection”
  • Chris Stefan (UK) – “ER-PM Junctions: Principals of PI Kinase Signalling & Membrane Organization”
  • Maria Bohnert (Israel) – “Never walk alone – contact sites between lipid droplets and other organelles”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

Cellular strategies of protein quality control

Chair: Judith Frydman

  • Franz-Ulrich Hartl (Germany), The EMBO Keynote Lecture – “Yeast as a model to understand fundamental mechanisms of protein quality control”
  • Judith Frydman (USA) – ”Proteostasis function and dysfunction: the delicate art of maintaining a healthy proteome“
  • Yves Barral (Switzerland) – “Protein aggregation during ageing: damage or adaptation“
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

Cell cycle and cell fate

Chair: Michael Breitenbach

  • Michael Breitenbach (Austria) – “The Saccharomyces cerevisiae NADPH oxidase, YNO1, and its role in regulating the actin cytoskeleton”
  • Elmar Schiebel (Germany) – “The yeast microtubule organising centre, the spindle pole body”
  • Andreas S. Reichert (Germany) – “Regulation of mitophagy by (de-)ubiquitylation”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

New biotechnologies

Chair: to be announced.

  • Jens Nielsen (Sweden) – “Systems Metabolic Engineering of Yeast”
  • Eckhard Boles (Germany) – “Engineering enzyme complexes: creating artificial and re-engineering existing enzyme complexes for biotechnological purposes”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

DNA replication, mutation and repair

Chair: Lorraine S. Symington

  • Lorraine S. Symington (UK) – “Mechanism and regulation of DNA end resection”
  • Dana Branzei (Italy) – “DNA dynamics during replication fork stabilisation and restart”
  • Sue Jinks-Robertson (USA) – “Molecular outcomes of double-strand break repair”
  • John Diffley (UK) – “Reconstituting chromosome replication”

Yeast pathogens and host interaction

Chair: James Konopka

  • James Konopka (USA) – “Plasma membrane subdomains promote stress resistance and virulence of Candida albicans
  • Manuel Santos (Portugal) – “The statistical proteome of Candida albicans
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

Yeast sociobiology, sensing and signalling

Chair: Terrance G. Cooper

  • Per Ljungdahl (Sweden) – “Extracellular amino acid-induced SPS-sensor signalling in the context of intracellular metabolic regulation”
  • Claudio de Virgilio (Switzerland) – “Regulation of TORC1 by amino acids: a central role for Rag GTPases within the EGO complex”
  • Speaker will be selected from abstracts

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YEAST 2017
28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

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