YEAST 2017

28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

August 27 – September 1, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Transportation in Prague

Public transport

Prague has a good public transportation system, which includes 3 underground (Metro) lines, trams and buses.

Passengers need a valid ticket to travel on the city public transport system. The ticket must be stamped as soon as you get on a bus or tram, or enter the transport area (in the case of Metro). Tickets can be purchased in automatic machines at each metro station, at bus or tram stops or at newspapers stands. Only properly stamped tickets are valid.


  • 24 CZK (valid for up to 30 minutes, transferable)
  • 32 CZK (valid for up to 90 minutes, transferable)
  • 1 day pass – 110 CZK
  • 3 day pass – 310 CZK

The Prague underground (Metro) system is quite new and efficient. The Metro operates daily 05:00-24:00. During peak hours trains run every 1 or 2 minutes and off peak at least every 10 minutes.

Prague Metro Map

Daytime trams operate daily 04:30-24:00. The most popular trams run every 4 minutes. Night trams operate nightly 24:00-04:30. They run every 30 minutes, and are numbered 51 through 59. The Lazarska tram stop is the central interchange point of all night trams.

Day and night bus service is very similar to that of trams. The interval between most buses is 5 – 15 minutes during morning and afternoon peak hours on working days. Buses 501 – 513 provide the night service. Buses 501, 502, 504, 505, 508 and 511 run every 30 minutes and buses 503, 506, 509, 510, 512 and 513 run every 60 minutes.

For more information about the public transport in Prague visit

Taxis in Prague

Unfortunately for Prague, its taxi drivers have become a scar on its reputation for overcharging and dishonesty. Here are some tips to avoid an unpleasant story when taking a taxi:

  • Don't get into a taxi that is parked in front of the train station or at a tourist site. These are often waiting for unsuspecting tourists and are known to charge rates several times higher.
  • If you need to catch a taxi on the street, make sure it is a real, registered taxi. The yellow roof lamp must be permanently installed and must say TAXI in black letters on both sides. The driver's name, license number, and rates should be printed on both front doors.
  • Try to find out beforehand how much your ride should cost. If you're stopping a taxi on the street, you can ask the driver before getting in and even pay in advance if the amount sounds reasonable. If you're ordering a taxi by phone, which is always a good idea, you can get a price estimate or even the exact fare from the dispatcher.
  • Once in the car, make sure that the rate on the taximeter corresponds to the price list posted in the car. If it doesn't, bring it to the driver's attention or have him stop the car, so you can get off.
  • The driver should offer a printed receipt. If he doesn't, you have the right to request one or refuse to pay the fare.

Reliable taxi companies

Be smart and order a taxi by phone from one of these reliable and courteous taxi companies:

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YEAST 2017
28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

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