YEAST 2017

28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

August 27 – September 1, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Workshop W6

Cell cycle, cytoskeleton and morphogenesis

Organized by: Kathryn Ayscough (UK)
Date/time: Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017, 17:00 – 19:00
Location: North Hall, 2nd floor

[W6-1] The adder phenomenon emerges from independent control of pre- and post-Start phases of the budding yeast cell cycle
[W6-2] Extreme Calorie Restriction in Yeast Retentostats Induces Uniform Non-Quiescent Growth Arrest
[W6-3] DNA Circles Cause Nuclear Pore Complex Rearrangements during Yeast Aging
[W6-4] Actin Filament Initiation and Regulation at Cell Membranes
[W6-5] The Pathway of Pulling Yeast Nuclei in Anaphase Controls Nuclear Motility at All Cell Cycle Stages in a Multinucleated Yeast
[W6-6] Casting light on the genome of the cell’s powerhouse: The distribution and inheritance of mitochondrial DNA
[W6-7] Role of Cdc42 Pathways in Regulating Group Cooperation and the Transition to Differentiated Multicellularity

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YEAST 2017
28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

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